"Building a common model for semantic interoperability in the digital poetry ecosystems"

Dates and places
From March, 15th 2017 to March, 17th 2017 View schedule


Humanities Building UNED, Paseo de la Senda del Rey 7 (Ciudad Universitaria)

Madrid, Spain

  • Wednesday, March, 15th 2017
    • 09:30-10:00 h. Registration and coffee
      • 10:00-10:30 h. Welcoming speech and POSTDATA project presentation
        • Julio Francisco Neira 
        • Elena González-Blanco García 
      • 10:30-13:30 h. 1. Interoperability - The possibilities (60 min)
        2. The Starting Point- Who we are (30 min)
        3. How to achieve interoperability (30 min)
        4. The final goal - A common conceptual model (60 min)
        • Mariana Curado Malta 
        • Helena Bermúdez Sabel 
    • Thursday, March, 16th 2017
      • 09:30-12:00 h. The role of Controlled Vocabularies (CV) in digital environments
        1. The importance of CV in Digital Humanities (DH) projects (45 min)
        2. CV and the institutionalization of paradigms (45 min)
        3. Digital environments dynamics for dialogue and reference between categories of analysis alloweb by CV (60 min)
        Coffee Break (30 min)
        • Gimena del Río Riande 
        • Diego Ferreyra 
      • 12:30-14:00 h. 1. Operational management of "tematres" (30 min)
        2. Poesía Medieval Castellana (PMC) as a CV in a DH experience
        (20 min)
        3. Formal version of MPC and its importance for POSTDATA model
        (20 min)
        4. Quality control of CV
        (20 min)
        • Gimena del Río Riande 
        • Diego Ferreyra 
    • Friday, March, 17th 2017
      • 12:30-14:00 h. Workshop conclusion and future developments
        • Elena González-Blanco García 

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    Julio Francisco Neira
    Dean of Faculty of Philology
    Elena González-Blanco García
    Profesora de Literatura Española. UNED.
    Mariana Curado Malta
    POSTDATA Team Member
    Helena Bermúdez Sabel
    POSTDATA Team member
    Gimena del Río Riande
    Investigadora del Seminario de Edición y Crítica Textual (SECRIT‐IIBICRIT) del CONICET, Argentina.
    Diego Ferreyra
    (CONICET, Argentina)


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