IX Conference of the Spanish Society for Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science (SLMFCE)


We invite submissions for both contributed papers and proposals for symposia (in English or Spanish) to the following sections:

A Logic, History and Philosophy of Logic, and Argumentation

B Philosophy of Language

C Philosophy of Mind and Epistemology

D Philosophy and Methodology of Science

E History of Science

F Science, Technology and Society

Deadline for the submission of abstracts for contributed papers and symposia: May 15th, 2018.

Submissions of contributed papers should have no more than 1500 words and should be prepared for blind refereeing. A short abstract up to 200 words must be introduced in the EasyChair system. Submissions for symposia should include a brief abstract for each participant’s talk (without author names, max. 1000 words) and justification of its interest (max. 500 words). Also, a short abstract of the symposia (max. 200 words) must be introduced in the EasyChair system.

If the submission is intended to be for the symposium on Nancy Cartwright, this should be indicated at the moment of submitting the paper.

The allocated time for delivering contributed papers at the conference will be 30 minutes, discussion included. The allocated time for symposia at the conference will be 2 hours with at most 5 participants.

Abstracts for contributed papers and symposia are to be submitted electronically at https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=9slmfce

Authors will be informed about the acceptance of submissions before the end of July 2018.

Deadline for the submission of the final version of accepted abstracts (in order to be published in the electronic proceedings): 31 September 2018. The final version should be sent in Word or LaTeX format, along with a PDF file.

Dates and places
From November, 13th 2018 to November, 16th 2018 View schedule


Facultad de Filosofía. Edificio de Humanidades UNED

Paseo Senda del Rey, 7

28040 Madrid



You can pay on line (by credit or debit card VISA or MASTERCARD), or make a transfer to the following bank account. It is COMPULSORY to write your name and the reference on the receipt of the payment.

Banco Santander
c/c: ES45-0049-0001-59-2811481584
Bank reference of the conference: SPAL18

Please, send a copy of the transfer to jdolera@fundacion.uned.es.

Students must send a valid proof of their student status to the email jdolera@fundacion.uned.es

Congress dinner will be held on Wednesday 14th November at Restaurante Colonial Norte at 21:30h (Price: 45€) The accompanying persons are admitted to the congress dinner (Price: 45€)

To register for the Congress, please click on the button Enrollment under the fees section.

Prices before October, 16th 2018

Discount for early registration: Participants who register and complete payment before October, 16th 2018 (if applicable) will benefit from the FEES listed in the following table.

  Students non members of the SLMFCE Students members of the SLMFCE Non members of the SLMFCE Members of the SLMFCE
Registration Fee 70 €10 €160 €90 €
Congress Dinner 45 €45 €45 €45 €

Pricing from October, 16th 2018 (included)

For those who will complete payment from October, 16th 2018 (if applicable), even if they had registered earlier, the FEES that will apply are those of the following table .

  Students non members of the SLMFCE Students members of the SLMFCE Non members of the SLMFCE Members of the SLMFCE
Registration Fee 90 €30 €190 €120 €
Congress Dinner 45 €45 €45 €45 €
Enrollment now
María de Paz Amérigo
Organizing Committee
Concepción Martínez Vidal
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María Cerezo
(U. de Murcia)
José Martínez
Fernando Soler
Inmaculada Perdomo
(U. de la Laguna)
Program Committee
Cristian Saborido
Javier González de Prado
(Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
Sergi Oms
(U. de Barcelona)


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